Currently, Mariachis Polo Club has 2 polo grounds. Thanks to demand and the intensity of players during the season, we are forced to have a third ground which is currently developing. Our vast grounds are the result of a seeding containing Tifton seeds, which is excellent for the grounds which suffer more weathering. The measures are 275 meters long by 150 meters wide.


We have an extraordinary ground for Beach Polo. The ground can be used all year, in any season. Beach polo is played with 3 players on each side and with a special ball for this kind of polo. Beach polo is perfect for beginners to play their first matches and practices. It is also used for exhibitions and local and international tournaments. 

‘Beach International’ is an acknowledged tournament played in June with teams from all over the world.


Boxes are the best option for the horses stay when they are training. There are 50 first quality boxes which are given in order of arrival. When there are no more of these available, there is the option to rent portable boxes, which are installed in just one day. We facilitate oats, alfalfa and chip so that every groom can easily access them every day.


Another excellent option we give is barns. There are different kinds of barns with different sizes and to each one’s taste for those who want to have their horses in one. Barns are broad and comfortable, so that the horses have space to relax. As you can see in our gallery, barns are made of wood and they are built so that they offer maximum security for the horses.


We have a first quality track. The floor is made with a base of silica sand and has an oval shape. The perimeter is of more than 400 meters, which is only used for horse training. Inside it has a big area to ride and work the horses. Sand is maintained with machinery and irrigation, for it to be in an optimal state for the daily training of horses. The track is so large that more than 50 horses could be working comfortably at the same time.

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